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Sagittarius Description

Sagittarius is the sign that's out to experience everything that life has to offer. This sign believes that the grass is always green and never quite feels satisfied or content. Sagittarius is also very adventurous, and as such is easily bored by routine. They are freddom-oriented, generous, and optimistic. Sagittarius loves more of everything, so these folks can be excessive, overindulgent, and tend to overdo everything, pushing the limit as far as it will go. They adore foreign places and people, accents, maps, and outdoor activities. Sagittarius is not famous for neatness or for just a little of anything. They are wonderful at preaching, advertising, and philosophizing. They learn best by having the big picture explained first. Sagittarians can be quite prophetic at times, and their sense of humor is famous. In fact, they believe in the power of laughter, and they are not above embarrasing themselves to make someone laugh.

Horoscopes for Other Zodiac Signs

Aries: A fantastic month for travel and making long-range plans. You;ll see beyong the everyday and yearn for adventure , especially near December 13t

Taurus: Accent willingness to make adjustments, be of service, and rectify past errors. You could see career in new light and crystalize new directions in professional aims. Brush up on rusty skills for opportunity coming after October 27th. Finances require organizing; a budget helps you see where money is going and why.

Gemini: You look for passionate romance that seems just out of reach. Realize that illusions about your love could be stumbling block now. Get busy elsewhere. Between October 2 and 22, dust off old creative project and get it in shape. Earning power is stong now, but extravagance probable. Shop and spend generously, but wisely.

Cancer: RICHIE SAMBORA You'll be expansive in mood, read to rebuild, remodel or renovate surroundings. Eye for practical details will also be good, helping you get much done. Partner tends to be dynamic, active, but feist and demanding at times. Be patient. In health matters, be open to new ideas and methods of alternative healing.

Leo: Revise words, written projects, contracts, making sure all errors are corrected. You'll complete work project in dynamic manner by October 27th with typical Leo creativity. Heart throb arrives on scene by Octber 18th, turns your life around by October 30th. Old friends has sage advice concerning goals. Forget pride; listen and learn.

Virgo: New earning project will pay off, but could require revised plans between October 2 and 22. Review profit and loss, add touch of originality that was missing. Love relationship could grow more intense and passionate; new sense of playfullness is key. You benefit through unique, breakthrough health practices and products.

Libra: Your love of partnership clashes with a need to express "the real you". Avoid rash statemetns that could be misunderstood. At home, use high energies to spruce uproperty. In career, grab new opportunities and hone skills that are needed. Entertainment this months tends to be first of a kind; helps you view life in new way.

Scorpio: Current desire for expansion can lead ot running up expenses. Focus Scorpio power on prosperity and abundance now. Keen perception of what lies beneath surface helps you straighten out one who has strayed off course. Avoid overly forceful manner of expression in discussing residential move or domestic changes.

Sagittarius: Write, invent, follow through on big project. Your own words and idea wil be the winners; don't pass on such details to others. Someone who returns to your social circle this month has been "out of the loop", will need time to catch up on news and changes. Watch impulsive spending on items you don't really need.

Capricorn: Flexibility is needed in career matters. You'll make your point with authority figure if you are willing to compromise. Personally, you'll be active, energetic, and assertive in romance. In travels, you could encounter celebrity figures. A good time for purchase of electronic equipment that makes for greater efficiency.

Aquarius: You look at the big picture and speculate on ways to promote your inventive ideas. Others may comment that you are truly "an original". If traveling, delays are more likely between October 2 and 22. Check and recheck schedules, reservations, routes. Rewarding turn about takes place concerning secret investment.

Pisces:Joint finances, banking, and insurance require extra attention. Avoid hazy, uninformed assessment of money situation. Luck abounds in social life; if you look for companionship and romance, you could gain the admiration of more than one. After October 18, you'll profit through amazingly accurate intuitive hunches.

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