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Kay's Video Trade Page

Welcome to my Video Trade Page. Hope you find something you would like to have. All of my videos are VHS-NTSC and will not be compatible with VCR's that fans from other countries have. I can only view VHS-NTSC videos. For trades, I will trade 1 video for 1 video. For those of you who do not have anything to trade I charge $7.00 per tape, slightly more for overseas due to mailing costs. This covers the cost of the tape, my time, wear and tear on my equipment, packaging and mailing costs. If interested in trading email me at:

Tape # 1

"Stranger In This Town" Video (12/91) 4 mins
Richie on Arsenio Hall Show (2/6/92) 18 mins "One Light Burning" Video + MTV's Most Wanted (2/7/92) 14 mins
E! Behind the Scenes int w/Richie (12/29/95) 22 mins
E! Howard Stern Show int w/Richie & Jon (1/22/93) 22 mins
E! World's Sexiest Men-Richie (6/5/96) 5 mins
Bon Jovi-Yokohama, Hapan Concert (5/19/96) 1 hr 45 mins
Late Show w/David Letterman (Richie & Jon)-(2/5/93) 11 mins
Extra Rock & Roll Int w/Richie (7/7/95) 3 mins
VH1 "The Naked Cafe" int w/Richie & Jon on the "Love Boat" (1/22/95) 4 mins
1989 MTV VMA's, Richie & Jon (9/6/89) 8 mins
MTV News, Richie at Tokyo Guitar Museum (1/91) 3 mins
VH1 All Star Garage Band w/Richie (various artists) (3/8/97) 54 mins
"In It For Love" video (8/9/98) 4 mins
MTV Bon Jovi "Past, Present & Future" (10/29/92) 23 mins
NBC Europe VIP int w/Richie + 3 songs (3/2/98)
Richie at Mayfair Festival in Allentown, PA (5/24/98) 37 mins
MTV Live with Richie Sambora (3/2/98) 12 mins
Richie on David Letterman-Sings "Hard Times Come Easy" (3/2/98) (10 mins)
Richie On Jay Leno (4/1/98) 10 mins
Richie at "The Bite" in Portland, OR (8/14/98) filmed by S. Swiger, 30 mins
Richie on VH1's Vinyl Justice (9//98) 5 mins

Tape # 2

Live From London (1995) 90 mins
Keep The Faith: The Videos-60 mins
Richie Sambora at the Academy Theater NTC, NY (11/26/91) 83 mins
River of Love from San Diego, CA (11/16/91) 8 mins
Richie Sambora on Late Show w/David Letterman (12/18/91) 11 mins
ABC in Concert-Richie (10/25/92) 3 mins
MTV Rockline int w/Richie (9/12/91) 24 mins
Later w/Greg Kinnear int w/Richie (/3/96) 22 mins
BWJBJ Fan Club Weekend IV (7/23 thru 7/25/95) 53 mins
Tokyo Road Video (1991) 7 mins

Tape # 3

BSWJBJ Christmas Show 1996 (12/18 & 19/96) 88 mins
MTV Hedonism Weekend in Jamaica (1987) (128 mins)
Lifetime Intimate Portrait w/Heather Locklear (7/27/97) 44 mins
E! Howard Stern int w/Richie (6/8/98) 22 mins
Bon Jovi Z100 Charity Show @ Madison Square Garden (1/25/94) 32 mins
Sony Music TV (Japan) int w/Richie & Jon (6/10/93) 22 mins
Amsterdam Holland TROS Show int w/Richie & Jon (11/18/94) 15 mins
Japanese TV-Bang Up Rock w/Richie Sambora (12/10/94) 15 mins
CNN Showbiz Today w/Richie Sambora (4/8/98? 4 mins

Tape # 4

Bon Jovi -"Road to Success" (Breakout) 23 mins
Bon Jovi-"Access All Areas"- 87 mins
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet

Tape # 5

Bon Jovi-Slippery When Wet-The Videos
Richie Sambora on Craig Killborn Show (5/13/98) (15 min)

Tape # 6

Bon Jovi-Crossroad-The Video

Tape # 7

An Evening With Bon Jovi-Keep The Faith-1 hr 25 min
"Wild Thing" Video w/Richie Sambora, Tommy Lee, Sam Kinison

Tape # 8

New Jersey - The Videos
Richie Sambora with band "Mercy", interviews (1980)
Richie Sambora on D. Letterman w/surpirse appearance by Cher, 2/25/93 (9 mins)
Friday Night Videos-Richie Sambora & Jon Bon Jovi Hosting 3/27/93-Accoustic "Livin' On A Prayer"
MTV Europe -int w/JBJ & RS (Ray Cokes hosts) 11-5-92 (22 mins) (A-)
MTV Movie Awards-Bon Jovi 6/9/94 (5 mins)-Sings "Good Guys Don't Always Wear White"
"Good Guys Don't Always Wear White" Video - 194- (5 mins)
VH1 Top 10 Countdown-Richie Sambora hosts-11/19/94 (11 mins)
Late Night With Conan O'Brien-Richie Sambora-12/20/95 (10 mins)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concert-9/2/95 (22 mins) Sings "With A Little Help From My Friends", "It's My Life/Gotta Get Outta this Place", "Imagine"(A)
Richie Sambora on Conan O'Brien w/Bo Diddley 5/23/96 (10 mins)
Japan "These Days Special" int w/RS & JBJ-5/95 26 mins)
Taratata, France-int w/RS & JBJ + 6 songs 2/23/96 (A-) 65 mins)
TFI Friday-UK-int w/Jon + 3 songs 3/1/96 (25 mins) Sings: "Faith", "Mrs. Robinson", "These Days"(A-)
VH1 The Beat Goes On III-Life Beat Concert-11/12/96-18 mins Sings: "Wanted", "Livin On A Prayer","Bridge Over Troubled Water"
FOX After Breakfast int w/Richie Sambora in L.A. Recording Studio-2/24/97 (8 mins)
"These Days Video" 1996-3 mins (not complete)
MTV Live - Richie Sambora interview & accoustic performance of "Hard Times Come Easy"-3/2/98 (14 mins) (A)
Richie Sambora on D. Letterman 3/3/98-"Hard Times Come Easy"-6 mins
E ! News Daily-Richie Sambora
USA Radio-Richie Sambora & Jon Bon Jovi Hosting-9/18/86 (10 mins)
MTV Austrailia-Richie Sambora & Jon Bon Jovi Guest VJ's-1987-16 mins (A-) VERY FUNNY!

Tape # 9

Moscow Music Peace Festival (8-13-89) 65 mins (A-)
Tokyo Road Live (1985) 83 mins (A)
Farm Aid '85 (1985) 11 mins (A)
"Real Life" Video (3-11-99) 4 mins (A)
Rio de Janiero, Brazil (1-27-90) 100 mins (A)
Tokyo, Japan (12-31-90) 39 mins (A)
"Wild Thing" Video (11/88) 6 mins (A-)
"Always" Video, Version 2 (1994) 5 mins (A-)
VH1 Postcards from the Road (6-6-95) 2 mins) (A)
MTV Premiere of "Lie to Me" 11-7-95 (5 mins) (A)
VH1 "Lie to Me" Version # 2, (12-7-95) 5 mins (A)
"These Days" Video (1996) 5 mins (A)
Noisy Mothers-"Times of Your Life" Video (6/95) 4 mins (A/B)
MuchMusic "Hey God Video (7/96) 5 mins (A)
"Midnight in Chelsea" Video (1997) 4 mins (A)
"Queen of New Orleans" Video (1997), 4 mins (A-)
20th Annal American Music Awards-Bon Jovi (1-25-93) 6 mins (A-)

Tape # 10

"Hard Times Come Easy" Video-RS-3/89, 4 mins (A)
German TV-"A Matter of Taste"-Richie Sambora hosting, (4/25/98) 52 mins (Various artists/videos) (A-)
AUS-"Hey, Hey It's Saturday"-Richie Performs (6/20/98) 5 mins (A-)
AUS-"E ! News"-Richie @ Hard Rock Cafe (guitar clinic) (6/23/98) 1 min (A-)
AUS-"MTV-Interview regarding Richie's AUS tour (6/21/98) 1 min, (A-)
AUS "Midday Show"-Richie performs + interview (6/22/98) 15 mins (A-)
AUS-"Channel 10 News"- Interview with Richie-(6/98) 1 min, (A-)
AUS "In Melbourne Tonight"-interview with Richie + live cross to Adelaide show (6/22/98), 12 mins (A-)
AUS-"Footy Show-60 Seconds w/Sterio"-Richie (698), 1 min, (A-)
AUS"Today Show"-Interview w/Richie (6/22/98), 1 min (A-)
Richie Sambora-Shellharbour Workers Club-New South Wals, Australia (6/19/98), 29 mins (A-)

Tape # 11

Access All Areas (1990)
Bon Jovi in Phoenix, AZ (PRO) 1 hr 30 min 9/12/89 (Good/Fair-a little grainy)
Sanyo Japan Special-Tokyo, Japan (12/31/88) 1 hr 10 mins (Good)
MTV Awards 9-7-95 (6 mins) (Good) "Helter Skelter" & "Something for the Pain"
Later w/Greg Kinnear (Autumn 1995) 23 mins (Good) Richie guests, "Stranger in this Town" live + interview
ABC in Concert (Autumn 1995) 23 mins (Good) "Hey God", "Wanted", "This Ain't a Love Song"
Farm Aid II (7-4-86) 13 min (Good) "Suspicious Minds", "Smokin in the Boys Room" backing up Vince Neil of Motley Crue), "Rockin' All the Way" backing up Joe Walsh
Farm Aid (9-22-85) 11 mins (Good) Bon Jovi performs "Runaway", "Heart of America"
American Music Awards (1-28-91) 7 mins (Fair-a little jumpy)
Regis & Kathie Lee (9/15/98) 7 mins (Good) RS sings "In It For Love" + interview
Richie comments on Fender Guitars 2 mins (Fair)
MTV Movie Award (6/9/94) 4 min) (Fair) Bon Jovi performs "Good Guys Don't Always Wear White"
Tonight Show w/Jay Leno-4/1/98-7 mins (good) Richie performing "Hard Times Come Easy" + short interview

Tape # 12 (C Rating)

"Hard Copy"-Lehua Reid (Richie's Ex) (4 mins) (B)
Clips of Richie & Heather's wedding/honeymoon (Current Affair, Extra, Hard Copy, ET) (14 mins) (B)
Richie talks about job at hospital (20 seconds) (B)
Japanese interview with the Band (1987) 4 mins (B)
Free to Be A Family "Wanted"- 12/12/88 (5 mins) (B)
Bon Jovi in the studio -Richie talks-10/31/88 (2mins) (B)
Friday Night Videos-Jon & Richie-3/26/93 (B) 13 mins
GRT int w/Jon & Richie (5 mins) (B) (5 mins)
Origami Lesson (Japan) (2 mins) (B)
MTV Europe-Germany Special-Rock & Ring-49 mins (1992) (A-)
Tokyo, Japan Concert-1985-74 mins (A-)

Tape # 13

Bon Jovi Concert - Largo, MD (7-11-89)
Bon Jovi Concert - Giants Stadium, NJ (1989)
Bon Jovi Concert - Tokyo, Japan (1985)
Bon Jovi - Super Rockfest, Tokyo, Japan (6/28/84)

Tape # 14

Bon Jovi Interview in Rio
Bon Jovi Concert in Rio (1-18-90)
Interviews & Behind the Scenes Compilation/Footage (9/4/95)
Japan TV Special"Behind Scenes Footage" 1992

Tape # 15


Clip of Richie & Heather @ Melrose Place Party 1995
Richie interview and live performance in Sweden 3/98
Howard Stern interview with Heather Locklear
"Destination Anywhere" film-Jon Bon Jovi
Richie & Heather (Conan clip)
3rd Annual "Rock -n- Jock" game with Richie
Before They Were Stars
MTV News, Jon & Dot marriage 1989
Stephanie Rose Birthday Announcements (Compliation)
"Queen of New Orleans" video-JBJ

Tape # 16

Richie on Arsenio Hall Show-Interview, Sing "One Light Burning" & "Wanted" (A+)
MTV "Most Wanted" interview w/Richie, "One Light Burning" Video (A-)
ABC In Concert-Richie sings "Wanted" (A+)
Headbanger's Ball (very short)
Richie doing a soundcheck (C)
Richie in "Snapple" Commercial # 2 (A-)
"Stranger in this Town" Video (A+)
"Ballad of Youth" Video (A+)
"River of Love" Live in San Diego, (A-)
Moscow Peace Festival, Bon Jovi performs 5 song, ("Lay Your Hands on Me", "Wild In The Streets", "Blood on Blood", "Wanted", "Livin' On A Prayer") (A-)
Richie Compilation from "SS Fanclub"
Moscow Peace Festival
Richie on "Rockline MTV"
MTV Rock & Jock Softball 1992 (A-)
Richie with "Mercy+ 10-27-80 (A-)
MTV Awards (1989) Accoustic "Prayer" & "Wanted" (A-)
MTV Awards (1987) Bon Jovi wins
Straight from the Hip Interview ('87) (Same as SWW Video)
Bon Jovi Live from Stockholm (11-27-92)
Some Club Appearances after Stockholm

Tape # 17

Bon Jovi- Yokohoma, Japan 5/19/96, 141 mins (A+)
Channel V (AUS) Molly Merum-nt/w/JBJ
Hong Kong, 11/1/97, 42 mins (A)

Tape # 18

Richie clip re: writing lyrics & music
Wild In The Streets Video
Wanted Dead Or Alive (Moscow Peace Festival)
Richie clip: other sounds
American Bandstand 4/28/85 "Runaway", "She Don't Know Me" & interview
American Bandstand 6/15/85, "In & Out Of Love" & interviw
Saturday Night Live Performance 1/23/93, "Bed of Roses", "Wanted", and a skit with Jon
American Music Awards, Performing "Bed of Roses", 1/23/93
"This Ain't A Love Song" from Taipei-Award given by Vanessa Williams
"This Ain't A Love Song" video
VH1 Video Postcard
VH1 Postcard
"Something For The Pain Video
Video Music Awards-Live from Times Square, 9/8/95, "Helter Skelter", "Something for the Pain"
"Lie To Me" Video
European Music Awards 11/23/95, Accepting Award for "Best Rock", "Hey God"
"Midnight in Chelsea" video
Rock & Roll Weddings, 8/97, Jon & Dot pics, Tico & Eva interview
VH1 Backyard BBQ, 9/1/97:"You Give Love A Bad Name, Queen of New Orleans, Billy Get Your Guns, Every Word Was a Piece of My Heart, Janie Don't Take Your Love To Town, Keep The Faith, Destination Anywhere, Living On A Prayer, Bad Medicine,Wanted, Sleep When I'm Dead, Treat Her Right
American Music Awards 20th Anniversary Special-1997-A couple of clips of the band and well-wishing from band
Egos & Icons Special
"Good Guys Don't Always Wear White" Video
MTV Awards Presentation 9/89 (Jon & Richie accoustic performance)
Saturday Night Live Rehearsals, 1/93
Bon Jovi performing "Only Lonely" on Solid Gold
MTV Notes from New Jersey Special, 3/89

Tape # 19 - BJ-Johannesburg, 12/1/95 (2nd Night Video-(A)

Helter Skelter, Living On A Prayer, You Give Love A Bad Name, Keep the Faith, These Days, Bed of Roses Someday I'll Be A Saturday Night, Something for the Pain, Blood Money, Blaze of Glory, Lay Your Hands on Me, Sleep When I'm Dead,/Papa Was a Rollin' Stone, Bad Medicine/Shout, This Ain't A Love Song

Tape # 20

Keep The Faith: A Visual History-1992
Richie on Letterman-"Hard Times Come Easy"
ZTV-"Living On A Prayer (Live), Interview w/Richie & Dave throughout, Hey God (Live), This Ain't A Love Song Video, Keep The Faith Video,Sleep When I'm Dead video, Bed of Roses video, Rockin' In The Free World (live)
BJ-Rio De Janeiro, 1/28/90 (Pro Shot A-), Lay Your Hands on Me, I'd Die For You, Wild In The Streets, You Give Love A Bad Name, Fever, Born To Be My Baby, Let It Rock,I'll Be There For You, Blood On Blood, Living On A Prayer, Tokyo Road, Never Say Goodbye (Accoustic), Wanted,Bad Medicine
BJ on VH1 in the studio (10/94)
BJ making Sanyo Commercial and Press Conference 1988 (20 mins) (C rating)
"Only Lonely"video (guys only,no actors)-(B-)
MTV Headbangers Ball8/11/89 (15 min) (A)
Plane Ride to Russia, interviews with Jon and Richie, plus other bands: Lay Your Hands on Me video

Tape # 21

"New Jersey" The Videos
Tartata TV5 France 3/24/96 (1 hour)
Songs & Visions, Wemble Stadium-8/16/97 (45 mins)
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 1995-Cleveland, OH (15 mins),"Help From My Friends", "Imagine"
Tokyo Road, Japan 4/28/85(PRO Shot) (80 mins)-"Tokyo Road, Breakout, Only Lonely, She Don't Know Me, Shot Through The Heart, Silent Night, Hardest Part of The Night, In & Out Of Love, Runaway, Burning for Love, Get Ready"
Heather & Richie on ET 2/9/98
Heather & Richie on E! Gossip Show (30 sec) 3/98
Richie on MTV Live ! 3/2/98
Richie on Letterman, 3/3/98
Richie on Tonight Show 4/1/98
Heather on E! Cannes Film Festival Special (aired 6/11/99)
"Real Life" Video
Richie & Heather on Access Hollywood, 6/10/99, Re: HL on Spin City
Heather on ET 6/10/99, RE: Spin City

Tape # 22 - BJ Weekend-MTV Europe/Sanyo Bon Jovi Special (12/31/88)

MTV Europe (various clips, interviews & videos) Includes: accoustic version of "Someday I'll Be a Saturday Night" and "Always"
Sanyo Bon Jovi-12/31/88 (C)-Lay Your Hands on Me, I'd Die for You, Wild In The Streets, You Give Love A Bad Name, Tokyo Road, Born To Be My Baby, I'll Be There For You, Blood on Blood, Living On A Prayer, Ride Cowboy Ride, Wanted, Bad Medicine, It's All Over Now"

Tape # 23-Jon Bon Jovi-6/12/97-Forum, London, England (C rating-audience recording)

Not Fade Away, Every Word Was A Piece of My Heart, Ugly, Queen of New Orleans, Midnight in Chelsea, Destination Anywhere, Blaze of Glory, Living on a Prayer (accoustic), Billy Get Your Guns, Naked, August 7; 4:15, Keep The Faith, Jailbreak, It's Just Me, Wanted, Sleep When I'm Dead, Treat Her Right"

Tape # 24-BJ in Philadelphia, PA 2/22/93 (audience recording, rating B) (120 mins)/Yokohama, Japan, 5/19/96 (PRO Shot) (A)/Bon Jovi-In Their Own Words

Philadelphia -Wild In The Streets, I'd Die For You, You Give Love A Bad Name, Born To Be My Baby, Falling In Love With You, Proposal-Jon Marries Couple, Bed Of Roses, Keep The Faith, Blood Money, Blaze of Glory, Lay Your Hands on Me, In These Arms, Blood on Blood, Bad Medicine/Shout, Wanted, Living On A Prayer, Sleep When I'm Dead, Never Say Goodbye
Yokohama, Japan -Lay Your Hands On Me, Bad Medicine, Hey God, You Give Love A Bad Name, Runaway, I'll Be There For You, Something to Believe In, Blood on Blood, Wanted (accoustic), I'd Die For You (accoustic), In These Arms (accoustic), Something for the Pain, Someday I'll Be A Saturday Night, Sleep When I 'm Dead/Brown Sugar, Keep The Faith, First encore: Always, Blaze of Glory, These Days, Second Encore: My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms, Diamond Ring, Damned, Living On A Prayer
BJ-In Their Own Words-MTV Special-1996

Tape # 25

SNL '93 & '95
1986 MTV-Jon & Richie
1988 AMA's-Bon Jovi
"Straight From The Hip"
BJ Is Back Special-1988
BJ Sunday 1988
Jon & Richie before Awards Show
VMA's 1989 performance
Richie at International RA
Jon, Richie & Dave Backstage
Premiere of Richie Solo
Aspen 1997-Jon and family

Tape # 25

Richie at MTV Awards 1994
JBJ & RS present Greatest Hits 1994
Richie & Heather at Golden Globes
Billboard Awards 1992-Richie
Richie-AMA's Show-1991
SITT listening party (1991-Richie)
Guitar Contest 1991
Sambora Inspiration 1989
ET-Richie & Heather rumor 1994
Richie at Emmy Awards
Y New Weekly Commercial
NBC-Good Guys Video
ET-Good Guys Video Shoot
JBJ in Nashville, TN, 1993
Clips from Wembley on EXTRA
ET, BJ at Letterman, Richie & Heather on Current Affair
20th Anniversary AMA's, E!, VH1 In Studio
Cinderella video
90's Hot Circles
ET, Heather about baby
Covent Garden 1994

Tape # 26

Richie Sambora at MTV Awards-1994
JBJ & Richie Sambora present Greatest Hits-1994
RS & HL at Golden Globes
R. Sambora-1992 Billboard Awards
R. Sambora-AMA-1991
SITT Listening Party-1991
RS-Guitar Contest-1991
Sambora Inspiration-1989
E !-RS & HL Rumor-1994
RS & HL @ Emmy Awards
New Weekly Commercial
NBC-"Good Guys Don't Always Wear White" Video Shoot
E ! - "Good Guys" Video Shoot
Bon Jovi in Nashville, TN-1993
Clips from Wembley on EXTRA
E ! - Bon Jovi on D. Letterman
RS & HL "Current Affair"
20th Anniversary of American Music Awards
BJ-Jay Leno-1994
VH1 "In Studio"
BJ in "Cinderella" Video
90's Hot Couples
E ! - HL about Sambora Baby (Ava)
Covent Garden-1994
Much Music-Montreal-1995

Tape # 27

Bon Jovi on "Sports Awards Show"- 6-6-00 (5 min)
Bon Jovi- "Behind The Music"-6-11-01 (1:00 hr)

Tape # 28

Bon Jovi on "Rosie O'Donnell Show" 4-28-00

Tape # 29

Bon Jovi-"Behind the Music"-1:00hr
Bon Jovi-"Story Tellers 2000"-1 hr

Tape # 30

Bon Jovi on D. Letterman 6-13-00
Bon Jovi on "Today Show" 6-16-00
Richie Sambora 2000 on Daily Show 1 hr
Heather Locklear Profile - 1:00 hr

Tape # 31

Heather Locklear-Celebrity Profile-1:00 hr

Tape # 32

Bon Jovi at Macy's 4 of July 2001-5 min
Rock Solid-VH 1 7-26-01 (5 min)

Tape # 33

TOTP "It's My Life" 5-24-00
Rock City, Japan 6-13-00
Channel IV Special 6-17-00
TFI Friday 5-19-00
Wetten Dass 3-25-00
CD UK Pt 1 & 2, May 2000
Pepsi Chart May 2000
Party in The Park-Bon Jovi 7-9-00
TOTP 2 Special

Tape # 34

Much Music Special-Story of Bon Jovi-April 2000
Japan Promos (2000/2001)

Tape # 35

Bon Jovi-"Crush Tour 2000"-2 hrs
Bon Jovi- "Behind the Music" 45 min (no commercials)
Bon Jovi Fanclub 2001- 45 min (no commercials)

Tape # 36

Bon Jovi-"Crush Tour" 7-11-00
Bon Jovi - MP Clips

Tape # 37

Jon Bon Jovi- BRAVO Profile-1:00 hr July 2001
Bon Jovi Interview Clips-VH1 Rock Across America 7-25-01
Jon Bon Jovi - E ! Celebrity Profile 1:00 hr 7-25-01

Tape # 38

Bon Jovi-"Behind The Music-1987 Hairbands"

Tape # 39

Bon Jovi on Saturday Night Live-Skit (HILARIOUS)

Tape # 40

Richie Sambora-VH1-Rock & Roll Weddings
Bon Jovi on "The View" 12-13-00

Tape # 41

Bon Jovi - "One Last Wild Night" Concert (VH1) @ Giants Stadium 7-29-01 (2 hrs)

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